I'm now part of the working force!

 Hello there!

Been lost in my own world as usual...

I'm now employed! Full time! For the first time in my life!! *LOL 
I've always worked as a freelancer on my own, so it's a big change for me. Everything's working wonderfully, I love it so far. Everyone's cool, and the best of all is that I'll do design work which is what I love the most.

The hardest part yet has been to wake up at 5:45am every single day!! Ouch! But I'm getting used to it... I have to.

Anyhoot, have to finish putting everything in order, just wanted to stop by and say Hi! :D

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Happy Birthday Ronnie!!

Howdy partners! What a festive day ain't it?

Need my Ron-a-licious dose of the day!!

By the way, I recently found out that in Mexico we now have a new national holiday (have no idea since when though), precisely on March 1st, to celebrate "Family Day" (can't keep track of all the holidays we have *lol)... so it will be a triple celebration for me woohoo!!!

.......... Happy B-day Mom!! ... Wherever you are ... Love ya!! ..........


Here's a little story I found today and made me very very happy.
I'm sure there must be tons of other stories to celebrate Ron's birthday, but this is the one that crossed my path  =)

Happy Birthday, Dear Wheezy 
Author:  BlackHawk13
Summary: AFTERMATH Universe - It's Ron's birthday. 'Nuff said!


Complete - Fiction Rated: K+ - English - Family/Humor - Chapters: 1



YL New

It's finally finished!!...

Can you believe it? After I don't know how many months and months I'll be finally able to read the end to this story!!!! YAY!!

Second Time Around by Billybob-csagun36 @ fanfiction.net
Sumarry: It is said that; “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. What if this old saying was applied to Harry and Hermione? What if, in an attempt to protect Ron and Ginny from the Death Eaters, Harry and Hermione had concocted a plan which although successful, utterly destroys the loving relationships just starting to blossom with the two Weasley’s they both adored. Can a happy ending result when “No good deed goes unpunished”?


By the way there's a new chapter update of:

Daddy's Little Girl by Noterwomann 
Summary: Captain Ron Weasley and his team are the best Aurors the Ministry has. But when one of the missions goes wrong Ron finds himself straddled with the last thing he ever expected. AU Not Deathly Hallows Compliant. 
Rated: T :: R/Hr :: WIP


Feels like eons ago since I made a ficbanner... work and real life in general have me all jumbled up sometimes that I forget to enjoy the simplest things... Been doing some other stuff that makes me extremely happy as well... maybe you'll get to see it soon, it was so much fun to do =)


Testing Times by scribhneoir1
fic for the Helmet fest 2008...
PROMPT: the Auror's stealth and concealment exam


When I Break » by grayk
15 years after DH, Hermione Granger reflects on the tragedy that has affected her life in recent years, and tries to move past it to a new future. R/H | Fiction Rated: T 

Awake » by Salemsoriginal99
There are two types of people... Those who like the world as it is and those who don't...
Fiction Rated: T

The Orange Ribbon

This story is a merit in its own. I read it a while back and it touched my heart.


The Orange Ribbon » by Panther 04
What happens when Hermione gets a horrible childhood illness? Who will help her get through it? Who is going to help her fight this new enemy? This story is based on true events.
Complete - Harry Potter - Fiction Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 50 - Words: 90,713 

Note from the author: "I had leukemia when I was a little girl, and I was sick of reading all these fan fictions where Hermione gets leukemia and she dies. Not every child who gets leukemia dies. 75 of children in the U.S. and the U.K. are diagnosed with cancer, and only 20 don’t survive. There is such a thing called a cancer survivor, not everyone who gets leukemia dies. Leukemia is not as fatal as breast cancer or ovarian cancer. My story is sad because it’s true. I lived through this when I was five." — Panther_04
Hurt Ron

Lookie Here!!

Sorry but couldn't help myself, had to do this *lol* 


Leaving (a 12 part Ron-centric story) by solstice_muse
Summary: When Ron is invalided out of the Auror programme he takes on the job of caring for his ailing Great Auntie Muriel. With a battleaxe on his back and Harry and Hermione overseas on a long mission he struggles to cope with the loneliness. Maybe a new Muggle friend can do something about that.
Rating: PG-13


Hope you like it :D


A thing about books...

The Book of Morgan le Fey by lavenderbrown
Summary: A sixth year fic told from Ron's perspective. The Trio return to Hogwarts to learn that Voldemort is hatching an evil plan to kill Muggles. Not only must they try and stop him, Ron must deal with his feelings for Hermione.
Rated: R :: R/Hr :: 41 chapters


The Diary of Jane by RonHermione33
Summary: Hermione died in the final battle... didn't she? Ron will never be complete until he finds her again. But first, Hermione must find herself.

A multi-chaptered quest to find a love which was lost and a memory that was sacrificed.

Rated: R :: R/Hr :: WIP

Hurt Ron

Another great story... or two

Daddy's Little Girl
by Noterwomann 
Summary: Captain Ron Weasley and his team are the best Aurors the Ministry has. But when one of the missions goes wrong Ron finds himself straddled with the last thing he ever expected. AU Not Deathly Hallows Compliant. 
Rated: T :: R/Hr :: WIP


Never Enough by Evanesco75
Summary: The story picks up a year after HBP. The Trio left in search of the Horcruxes a year ago, and no one has heard from them since. War is raging, and the Light side seems to be poised for a massive defeat. We pick up at the Burrow, and impending doom. Something awful might happen; something that might change the course of the War, the Trio's relationships and their entire future. 
Rated: NC-17 :: R/Hr :: WIP

Visuallenges for Creative Writers

Hello all!!

I was anxious with nothing better to do and fiddling with my LJ when I decided to create a community called Visuallenged just for the fun of it, I know it's a sort of stupid name but heck that's what it turned out to be LOL.

Anyhoot It's open membership so anyone of you writers out there can join whenever you want and start taking the 'visuallenges' (VSG's for short), that are already posted there. I've opened only 4 categories to start with something: Mistery & Suspense, Sexuality, Action & Adventure, Comedy. visuallenged 

It's HP fandom only for now, with no restrictions whatsoever, so it can get to be a lot of fun I suppose.

The only rule, if you can call it that, is that you have to stick to the category marked by the vsg, join as a participant and write away...

I don't know if this vsg thing is gonna go anywhere or not, but at least I did something creative with my boring day LOL. 

Hope to see some people over there... and if you want to help manage that comm feel free to post me somewhere around =)

Never forget to dream... just follow your bliss!!