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YL New

In dark times ... LOVE is all you've got

Points of No Return by NightZephyr @ checkmated.com
Summary: Almost sixteen, Ron discovers there really is something very special about him, and he just might need it to save them all.


Wake Me by risiepookie @ The Quidditch Pitch
Summary: In the midst of the War, Hermione is kidnapped and held captive as Ron, Harry and Ginny search desperately for her. Hermione and Ron share a psychic connection, with which she tries to help him find her before it is too late. A strong warning for this story, as it does contain the rape of a character and severe psychological trauma.
*This is the first story in my Awakenings Series*


Midnight Confessions by Alloy @ The Quidditch Pitch
Summary: “I love you Hermione Granger,” he whispered, wishing he had the courage to say it to her properly, to her face.

“Then why are you snogging Lavender Brown?” Came an unexpected reply.

In the infirmary Ron & Hermione come to an understanding, but not before they make their 'Midnight Confessions' and in that brief period before Bill's wedding Ron takes charge of his life planning a future with the woman he loves.


The Price of Love by RogueSugah @ checkmated.com
Summary: All Hermione wants to do is get closer to Ron. This summer she gets her wish, but the closer they get, the harder it will become for her to share her secret with him. But share it she must. If love really is stronger than hate, as Hermione believes, their feelings for each other may actually be enough to save them all.


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Points of no Return was one of the first fics I ever read!

Have you read Wayward Son yet? It's by Danielle and it's on ff.net and is the most wonderful Ron stories in the history of Ron!
Yeah Points of No Return is really intense in every sense... my memory sucks though so I guess I'll never remember which one was the first one I read ever... oh crap! LOL

Actually no I haven't read Wayward Son (or maybe I have? uhm) but thanks for pointing that for me I'll go immediately to fetch it LOL... I've read a lot of them and I'm having a difficult time trying to remember all the ones that I liked best, or where did I found them LOL but I'm getting there.

By the way, there's one that I don't even remember what is called or where I found it, and I never got to read the end if it got published. It's centered on Ron, and the pain he feels of the betrayal of catching H/Hr going at it on some classroom, before the final war, where he gets hit by some curse or other, gets severe burns and his face is transfigured, becomes a chess champion even though everyone assumes he's probably dead since no one has seen or heard from him in years... and all the drama in between... have you read it by any chance or know which one is it or where I could find it?

Thanks again!! :0)

Nevermind... found it!! I'ts "Second time around" by Billybob-csagun36 @ ff.net

ah kewl...Oncelikeshari pointed me in this direction......ta muchly for the banner tribute.
Oh my I don't even know what to say LOL ... I LOVED your story so much that I had to include it on my favorite list, and yes you can say the banner is a sort of tribute to you all.

All I can say is keep doing what you do, all of you, because it's very fulfilling for everyone I guess, for you the writer, and for us the readers, even the flamers, they wouldn't have anything to rant about otherwise LOL so a big THANK YOU to all the writers out there, even the ones that just do it for fun with no knowledge whatsoever of what they're doing.

Keep going, and never stop dreaming. =)
Thanks again, it's words like yours that encourage us tremendously.
Thanks again, sweetie! I've gotten absolutely spoiled by having not just one, but two really lovely banners made by you! They are in my treasured pile of things I have received from this fandom.

I'm so glad you've been finding some good fanfics to read! I know you've found solstice_muse and alloy_, but I encourage you to also read anything by thesteppyone, leviathan0999, mrsquizzical, and queenb23more. I know you'll enjoy anything by them immensely.

Your words and gifts are so heart-warming- thank you for sharing!

Yeah I've been reading the winter off LOL... actually I've read some of their stories, they're very good but I'm terrible with names so thanks for the pointers!! ... just added "HP and the Unwinnable Fight" by Leviathan